“Nothing is more the child of art than a garden.”– Sir Walter Scott

Robert Nieto Garden Design & Construction is a full service landscape design, build and maintenance company based in Shell Beach, California. I work with my clients from initial design discussions to the completed installation of hardscape elements and planting with an emphasis on post-construction maintenance. With over twenty years of experience on the Central Coast, my projects reflect a deep understanding of local conditions and costs, a passion for design and a strong commitment to helping preserve our local ecosystems.

DESIGN> My objective for each project is to create a unique and memorable design that resonates with the architecture of the home and its natural surroundings. My designs include a palate of succulents, grasses, edibles and climate appropriate plants that minimize water use and maintenance while providing visual interest through the use of contrasting foliage color and texture. A philosophy steeped in ecological design, permaculture, and sustainable land use lends to the creation of outdoor spaces that celebrate the vibrancy and beauty of the Central Coast.

CONSTRUCTION> Drawing on over twenty years of landscape construction experience and teaming up with a family of solid subcontractors in various disciplines, we’ve been able to deliver a level of service that has earned us the trust and referrals of our customers project after project. The integrated approach of design-build allows customers to avoid the finger-pointing that often occurs between designers and builders when designs are generated without the understanding of the construction process and cost. Whether it’s a simple flagstone patio or a complete renovation with specialty carpentry, concrete, lighting, or water and fire features, the same level of meticulous detail is employed every step of the way to ensure the long-term success of your investment.

MAINTENANCE> I find great joy in managing my gardens as they continue to evolve over the years. It’s as if a painting is being revealed slowly with each passing season. Soil maintenance is equally important as healthy and abundantly diverse soil microbes result in robust plants that are more resistant to disease and pests. The use of compost and compost teas aid in the process, while careful hand pruning (not machine shearing) creates plants with good structure and visual appeal. We offer a variety of maintenance options ranging from twice monthly to quarterly service.